Okuma Hawaiian HCS Custom Casting Rod




The Okuma Hawaiian HCS Custom Casting Rod is built for the extreme and relentless conditions tackled by the Hawaiian shore-based fisherman on a daily basis. This rod uses the latest technology and is designed by local fisherman for the species and territory they are targeting. Only the best components on the Hawaiian HCS Casting Rod are used. All utilize ALPS-316 stainless guide frames with zirconium guide inserts for the use of braided or monofilament lines and feature a split butt design for reduced weight and improved balance.

  • Split butt design
  • ALPS-316 grade stainless steel guide frames
  • Zirconium guide inserts for braided or monofilament lines
  • Specialized TPE foam material on fore and rear grip
  • 3K metal woven material
  • Non slip rubber grips above and below handle with stainless steel butt
  • Manufacturer’s one-year warranty


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